Multidisciplinary Artist


Greg Rose is a 28 year old African American artist Born in Niagara falls, New York but is currently living in Indianapolis, Indiana that goes by the artist name Hay Kidd . At an early age Greg used to watch their mom doodle in the corners of scrap paper, those doodles introduced them to the world of art. That quest has taken them down multiple avenues of self expression such as painting ,sculpting, directing and curating  .On this journey they discovered how all forms of art can be used to bridge gaps in communications that are left exposed by the written word . As a history buff that realization opened their eyes to all of the events and experiences of people that were left out of the larger patchwork of history . That has inspired them to create art that uses those stories as a source of fuel .Impowered by the past Greg finds it paramount that they reflect their experience as a black queer non-binary artist living within the reach of poverty and under the knee of racism and homophobia .Having representation of those stories is necessary to creating new term and conditions in our social contract where all experiences are not only valued but protected.